Global Energy Method™ Academy 

The most comprehensive energy healing modality on the planet.

A fully globally accredited 5-level certification program that is the first energy healing

modality to be accepted as a continuing education provider for the Naturopathic

Medical Certification Board!

Subtle Changes for Profound Results!


The Global Energy Method™ (G.E.M.) is not like any other energy healing modality on the planet, and I'll tell you why...

G.E.M. is an in-depth quantum healing concept that brings in strategies to healing from all over the globe together with psychology and in-depth knowledge of neuroscience, biology, physiology, and clinical nutrition to empower each practitioner with the needed skills to get the best and most permanent results for their clients with each and every lesson. 

The Global Energy Method™ is taught within a globally accredited academy where the students seeking certification interact with experienced practitioners, the creators of the method, and have access to ask questions where they get live answers each month. 

Experienced practitioners are the most educated, reliable, consistent, and supported practitioners in the field of energy medicine. 

The Global Energy Method™ is also an approved continuing education provider for the American Naturopathic Medical Certification Board! 

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