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Global Energy Method™

Scholarship Opportunity

A private continuing education board has partnered with the Global Energy Method™ to offer scholarship opportunities to energy healers located in the United States.

Scholarships range $500 - $2,000.

These are limited and competitive continuing education scholarships available to energy healing practitioners with previous training/certifications located within the United States.

Once submitted, the scholarship board will review the application and make a final decision within 2 weeks. Decisions are made solely by the scholarship board and are limited. Not all applicants will receive a scholarship.

Scholarships are only applicable to the Master Practitioner Track, which includes 1 year of business support ($4,997 before scholarship).

Emotion Code, Reiki Practitioners, Sound Healers, and similar are eligible for up to $500 scholarship if selected. 

Body Code Practitioners, practitioners certified through Trinity School of Natural Health, or similar are eligible for up to $1,500 if selected. 

Belief Code Practitioners or practitioners with a high level of energy healing education are eligible for up to $2,000 if selected. 

Please note: Scholarships are limited. Not all applicants will be chosen. All information shared within this application can be seen by the continuing education board and the Global Energy Method admin staff. Apply today.

Do you reside and do business within the United States?
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