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From Struggling Healer to Six-Figure Success

Updated: Jul 2

Are you an energy healer, holistic practitioner, or spiritual coach struggling to fill your calendar with clients? Have you spent countless hours on social media, crafting perfect posts, and tweaking your website, only to find yourself stuck in the same cycle? If so, I have some exciting news for you! I turned my small energy healing business into a six-figure powerhouse in less than a year, and now, I’m offering you the opportunity to learn exactly how I did it. Welcome to the Side Hustle to Six Figures for Energy Healers 5-Day Challenge!

In this challenge, I will guide you through the exact steps I took to elevate my business from a side hustle to a thriving six-figure enterprise. This isn’t just another generic business course. It’s a hands-on, immersive experience designed specifically for energy healers and holistic practitioners like you.

Learn more about Side Hustle to 6-Figures!

Video show notes


  • Host: Lisa Ramos, successful energy healer and business coach.

  • Topic: Transitioning a small energy healing business into a six-figure enterprise within one year.


  • Purpose: To share the strategies and steps Lisa used to grow her energy healing business.

  • Audience: Solepreneurs, holistic practitioners, energy healers, spirit-led healers, teachers, and coaches.

Key Points Discussed

  1. Common Challenges Faced by Practitioners

  • Overworking on social media and in healing groups.

  • Struggling with creating and maintaining an effective online presence.

  • Experiencing the "client hamster wheel" and burnout from inconsistent client flow.

  1. Three Keys to Client Conversions

  • Problem Awareness: Clients need to understand their own issues. Practitioners often use jargon (e.g., trapped emotions, heart wall) that clients do not understand.

  • Ready and Able to Book: Clients must be able to make a booking decision and afford the services.

  • Speaking Their Language: Communicate in terms clients understand rather than using technical or industry-specific terms.

  1. Specialty and Niche Focus

  • Choose a specialty that addresses a common problem (e.g., anxiety).

  • Avoid jargon and focus on the solution and benefits for the client.

  • Market to a broader audience outside of energy healing groups to avoid heavy competition and underpricing.

  1. Client Retention Strategies

  • Clear communication of next steps and session benefits to ensure rebooking.

  • Providing a clear follow-up plan and recommendations for subsequent sessions.

  • Emphasize the necessity of multiple sessions for ongoing improvement.

Practical Examples

  • Using "anxiety" as a relatable and problem-aware issue to attract clients.

  • Avoiding technical terms in marketing materials to prevent client confusion.

  • Encouraging rebooking by clearly explaining the process and benefits of continued sessions.

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