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Psychological Specialty Certification

Memories | Images | Belief | Trauma

In the psychological specialty, practitioners will dive deep into the mind and how it handles everything from stress to trauma. With Lisa's educational background being in health psychology and vast experience in the realm of energy healing, these modules offer a unique blend of these two worlds. 

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Dissonance Energy

In this module, students will discover how the brain adapts to stress and trauma, causing dissonances. A dissonance is a separation or disharmony. In the mind. This disharmony creates a chain-reactive process in the mind and body, disrupting well-being, including hormonal balance, digestion, and organ/gland function, and can even contribute to pain and disease. This specialty also dives into the inner child wounds and identity conflicts.

Memory Energy

Memories are the foundation behind many of our stress and trauma triggers. However, science has proven that they are not reliable. In this module, we dive into this as we explore fractured memories, suppressed memories, memory avoidance, and even ancestral memories. Students learn to repair these, separate any type of triggers from them, and how process them to live a healthier and fuller life.

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Hypnotic and Will Energies

Have you ever thought, "Why did I do that?". Or, "Why did I say that?". The answer may be hypnotic and will energies. These are subliminal influences on your actions, beliefs, emotions, and more. These are formed by many things and can influence small shifts in mood, attention, and reaction. This module teaches how to recognize them and repattern them. 

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Belief Energies

As children, we develop a belief system, and for the rest of our lives, our thoughts, actions, reactions, and choices are governed by these systems. But, what if they are faulty? Children who experience significant stress and/or trauma will develop unhealthy belief systems, but they can be changed.. In this module, Lisa teaches about the different types of beliefs and how to repattern them. 

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Trauma Energy

Inflammation, hormonal imbalances, and physiological hindrances are all manifestations of trauma. Trauma is complex and multi-faceted. It can be anything from long-term or major stress to brutal assault. All of these cause changes in the brain and body. In this module, you will discover all the types of trauma, how they affect the mind and body, as well as how to use how to find balance again. 

Block Energy

The Block Energies module is all about the things that block or hinder us from living life to the fullest. These are things like grief anchors holding a person in their grief. Poverty anchors that make it difficult to break the "cycle of poverty".Or, the illness anchor that keeps us emotionally bound to illness. These and other anchors weigh down the mind and keep us trapped in cycles of pain. 

Another psychological block is what we call a "Trauma Wall". This is not a literal wall but rather a term we use to describe the emotional and physical wall we put up to hide our trauma. This stops use from moving forward past the trauma and living a fulfilled life. 

This module goes over all of these and more and teaches how to regain control and balance. 


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