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Core Certification

Mastering the art of emotion. 

Emotion is not as simple as “a feeling”, nor is it something you can control, and it definitely is not something that is easy to manage. No, emotion is a complex physiological response inside the body that is perceived as emotion. Ever heard the term "holding a grudge," "bottled up emotions," or even "trapped emotions"?

Well, my friend...I am here to:

  • Explain what emotion truly is.

  • Explain how and why it is triggered. 

  • Explain what happens to your mind, body, and health because of it.

  • And teach you the techniques for not only resolving past emotions but how to regain control and repattern the stress and trauma triggers. 

Internal Energies
Module 1

Most people feel as though their emotions and responses are set in stone, dictated by old habits and past experiences. But what if you could unlock the evolution of your internal emotional energy? In this transformative course module, you will discover the cognitive triggers that shape your emotional responses. You will learn to reshape your energetic neuropathways, paving the way for extraordinary personal growth and success.

After completing this module, you will emerge with a new mastery over your emotions, equipped with the tools to actively forge your path to success and well-being.

External Energies
Module 2

Are you unknowingly influenced by the energies around you, perhaps feeling out of sync or overwhelmed without knowing why. This course module invites you to uncover the secret to reshaping and reclaiming control over the energy you attract and radiate to those around you. Learn to master the art of repatterning this energy, transforming how you interact with and influence the world.

After completing this module, you will have seized control over the energies that surround you. Equipped with these new skills, you will be able to create a positive, empowering aura that enhances your interactions and attracts better outcomes in every facet of your life. Transform your energy, transform your life—start radiating confidence and positivity that draws success directly to you.

Positive Repatterning
Module 3

Before entering the Positive Repatterning module, you might find your mindset and belief systems anchored in negativity or self-doubt, influencing your behavior and the energy you radiate. In this transformative module, you will learn the art of shifting these fundamental aspects of yourself through the power of affirmations. You will explore techniques to awaken and reinforce the positive segments of your psyche, integrating this positivity into your external energy field.

After completing this module, you will emerge with a refreshed and revitalized outlook. You’ll possess the skills to continuously inject positive energy into your surroundings, fundamentally altering how you perceive challenges and interact with others. This shift will not only enhance your personal well-being but also improve your relationships and opportunities, empowering you to live a life filled with positivity and success.

The Cost Of this Comprehensive, Accredited Training

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