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Spiritual Specialty Certification

Chakras | Auras | Meridians | Clairs 

The Spiritual Specialty certification travels into the science and energy techniques behind spiritual imbalances. These types of imbalances can result in emotional, psychological, and even physical symptoms of unease. Addressing them not only supports optimal health of all kinds but can awaken your inner gifts. 

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Miasm Energy

Miasm energy is the inherited energy that is connected to ancestral or inherited illness. Even without the physical manifestation of disease, we can be limited by this energy. In this module you will discover how to decode this type of energy and release the energy to empower growth and support wellness. 

Clairs Energy

Clairs are the 8 different intuitive gifts people can possess. Everyone has all 8 to some level, with 3-4 being stronger. However, these become muted by stress, suppressed emotional energy, and past trauma. In this module, you will learn how to address these imbalances, muting the intuition, as well as learn to awaken them for yourself and/or clients.

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Pernicious Influences

In this module, you will learn how extreme weather can upset the energy centers of the body. This imbalance then creates difficulty processing unhealthy emotions and toxic energy and can even affect mood. Discover yours and learn to keep the balance!

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Energetic Connections and Disconnections

Energetic connections and disconnections are quite common. These can be positive, such as when a mother bonds with her child, or unhealthy, such as when a person is spiritually bound to a past lover or past trauma. In this module, you will discover the different types of connections that occur and how to address them to support healthy relationships. 

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Aura Energy

An aura is a subtle energy field that surrounds living beings, including humans, animals, and plants. These auras are believed to be the energy that attracts positivity into one's life. This is the power of manifestation. However, when it becomes blocked, we can experience "feeling stuck," "bad luck," or loss of desire toward the things we once enjoyed. This module will walk you through levels of the aura and teach you how to keep the aura clear, positive, and full of manifestation. 

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Meridian Energy

Meridians are scientifically back energy pathways of the body. These can become blocked for many reasons, including toxicity, pathogens, and illnesses of all kinds. In this module, you will learn about all 25 meridians, including the dental meridians and extra-ordinary meridians such as the Governing Meridian and Penetrating Meridian. Learn to identify energetic imbalances and how to clear any energetic barriers to support optimal health

Chakra Energy

In the Chakra module, we dive deep into all chakras, not just the typical 7. These energy centers extend into:

Secondary Personal Chakras such as:

  • Dantien Chakra

  • Higher Heart Chakra

  • Past Life Chakra 

  • And, 6 more. 

Subpersonal Chakras are the:

  • Earth Star Chakra

  • Gaia Gateway Chakra

Transpersonal Chakras are the:

  • Alta Major Chakra

  • Casual Vortex Chakra

  • Soul Star Chakra

  • Stellar Gateway Chakra

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