Core Certified with 

A Distinction in Spiritual and Psychological Specialties 


Practitioners on this page are core certified with a Distinction in the Spiritual and Psychological Specialties. Once they excel past this level of certification they are removed from this page and added to their highest level of certification page. (Note: Moving practitioners can take up to 15 business days.)


Healers with this level of experience typically charge between $100 - $130  per session. (Note: Most practitioners do offer discounts for purchasing multiple sessions and prices may be higher if the practitioner has other education as well.)


Note: This page shows only Core certified practitioners that are:

1. Infinity Healers

2. Trained in the Spiritual and Psychological Specialties, but have yet to achieve the Physical Specialty

3. Submitted their information to be included on the page


If/when this page is blank that means there are no healers that meet all three characteristics (practitioners are moved to the next level up within 15 business days of achieving that level of certification).