Core Certified Practitioners


Practitioners on this page are core certified only. Once they excel past this level of certification they are removed from this page and added to their highest level of certification page. (Note: Moving practitioners can take up to 15 business days.)


Healers with this level of experience typically charge between $70 - $90 per session. (Note: Most practitioners do offer discounts for purchasing multiple sessions and prices may be higher if the practitioner has other education as well.)


Note: This page shows only Core certified practitioners that are:

1. Infinity Healers

2. Not trained in any specialties

3. Have submitted their information to be included on the page


If/when this page is blank that means there are no healers that meet all three characteristics (practitioners are moved to the next level up within 15 business days of achieving that level of certification). 


Dr. Kati Ozowski, DC

Business Name: Sage & Source
Specialty: Anxiety, Endocrine Support, Abundance, Heart-Wall
Types of Sessions:  Phone, Zoom, and Email
Dr. Kati has been a Doctor of Chiropractic since 2013, and has been utilizing energy medicine and muscle testing since 2012.
She first got introduced to energy medicine after she witnessed her mother’s transformation of her vertigo condition, and knew that this was her life’s purpose. She spent her school career figuring out her mother’s true diagnosis, and discovered a healing modality in the process that significantly reduced her mother’s vertigo symptoms after 15 years of chronic suffering.
Dr. Kati’s degree and knowledge of the function of the body has proven advantageous to helping her clients to heal from physical pains, improve systemic health and function, and support emotional well-being. 

 Andrea Ende


Name: Andrea Ende
Business Name: Body of Light Health &Wellness
Phone number: 239-341-5777
Types of Sessions: Email and Zoom
Instagram: @bodyoflight_wellness

 Shirley Canham


Business Name  Holistic Health Suffolk 
Phone number: 44- 7884583013
Type of sessions: Email and Phone 
Tik Tok: holistichealthsuffolk
My story starts when I was looking at alternative ways to help myself with my low mood. I really struggled with this from a young age. finding energy healing has changed my world. Hence my passion for this work.