Master Practitioners


Practitioners on this page are Master Practitioners and have reached all certification levels. These healers dive deeper into concepts taught within the Global Energy Method™, support other healers who are on their journey and have the most experience than any of the other certification levels. 


Healers with this level of experience typically charge between $175 - $220  per session. (Note: Most practitioners do offer discounts for purchasing multiple sessions and prices may be higher if the practitioner has other education as well.)


Note: This page shows only Core certified practitioners that are:

1. Infinity Healers

2. Have achieved the Master Practitioner level

3. Submitted their information to be included on the page


Kate Simpson 

Business Name:  Rebalance With Kate
Specialty:  Anxiety, Depression, and Abundance Breakthroughs.
Types of Sessions:   Phone, Zoom, Email, and Voxer Message App 
Hi, I'm Kate Simpson. I'm passionate about helping people & pets.  I specialize in support for anxiety, depression, self-sabotaging behaviors, and helping you achieve abundance and success.  Also, support for rescue animals.  

Bobbie Hively

Business Name:  Naturally Vibrant Health
Specialty:  Digestive system and Endocrine system
Types of Sessions: Intro phone session then Email
I have been an energy practitioner for over 25+ years.  I am board certified Natural Wellness & GEM practitioner, also certified in CBC, CEC, CQRA, CNMT, CBIOSET, CNAET.   I specialize in digestive and endocrine problems.

Erica Torres-Dudziak

Business Name: ReDefine & ReDiscover
Specialty: Physical & Mental Wellness, Attracting Abundance 
Phone number: 281-715-7650
Types of Sessions: Ex. Email, Zoom, Phone, etc - Virtual, Email, In Person
I am a Board-certified Holistic Health Practitioner, Level 3 MBSR Practitioner, Global Energy Method Master Practitioner,  Life Mastery Consultant, and Certified Life/Professional Coach. I have a bachelor's in psychology and currently am on a fast-track pursuing a Masters, Doctorate, and PhD in Natural Medicine.  My passion is helping women be and feel their most confident and authentic self,  experience joy and passion in life and enjoy success in all areas, including but not limited to, health, relationships, and career.

Nancy Moran

Name: Nancy Moran
Business Name: Azalea Energy Healing
Specialty: Abundance Walls, Body Walls, and Trauma Walls; Limiting beliefs & Blocks for all creative-types
Email: [email protected]
Types of Sessions: Email
I work with creatives who are having physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual problems in their life – whether abundance, healing, body weight, fears, success, or creative blocks of any kind. I’ll help you get to the root cause so you can live a meaningful & creative life.

 Julia Ramaci, COTAL

Business Name: La Vita Healing 
Abuse, Trauma Recovery, Mental Health, Relationships/Love 
[email protected] 
Phone number: (586) 277-1251 
Types of Sessions: Email, Zoom 

Facebook:                @lavitahealings 
Instagram:                @lavitahealing 
TikTok:                @lavitahealing 

Julia is a gifted Intuitive who's passion in life is to facilitate you in alchemizing your pain and suffering into love, joy and happiness so that you may create the life of your dreams and heaven on earth!

Sandra Walker

Business Name: Soul Regeneration with Sandra Walker
Specialty: Womens Health, Menstruality, Fertility, Peri-Menopause and Menopause, Relationship to Self
Types of Sessions: Email, Video Call, Phone.
I am a Global Energy Method Master Practitioner and Founder of the Life changing online program ‘Remembering'.  My passion is empowering women and couples to reconnect with the person they were before the world told them who to be, helping them create the reality they desire from solid foundations of knowing and loving every aspect of who they are.

 Nicola Rubio

Business Name: Sirona Energy Healing
Specialty: Empowering mothers to move past their overwhelm, restore their nervous system, release trauma, and rediscover the joy of mothering. 
Types of Sessions: Email and group via zoom.
TikTok: Sironaenergyhealing 
Because of my own journey through motherhood, I am passionate about offering healing to overwhelmed mothers. Together we can restore your nervous system and rediscover your inner peace.

Prabha Nagaraja


Specialty: Emotional Freedom!

 Email: [email protected]

Types of Sessions:  Email 

I have been a student of Energy Therapies (ET) for over two decades. I have shared my learnings regularly with friends and acquaintances and in my part-time ET practice with some wonderful results. Besides my certifications in The Emotion Code, The Body Code, Global Energy Method, I am also a certified Infinite Possibilities® Trainer/Coach. I work with a non-profit in New Delhi, India where I have over the years provided counseling and awareness on sexuality, sexual, and reproductive health-related issues. In the course of my work, I have had the opportunity to also introduce ETs to counselors and activists for their self-care. I look forward to helping people address their stress-related concerns and overcome long-held challenges using the wonderful modalities that make up my Energy Therapy toolkit!


Jennifer Campbell

Specialty: I specialize in helping women to find the missing pieces needed to transform their emotional & physical health so they can live a life they love.
Types of Sessions: Email sessions
Facebook: @DivinityHealingWellnessCo
Instagram: @DivinityHealingWellnessCo
My focus is to get to the root cause of your struggles, help improve your health, quality of life, and well-being as well as support you all the way through the process.

Mari Méndez


Business Name: Healing Firefly

Specialty: Chronic Neck/Spine Pain/Discomfort & High Blood Sugar Levels

Email: [email protected]

Types of Sessions: Email, Zoom, Phone


Facebook: @healingfirefly 

Instagram: @HealingFirefly

TikTok: FireflyConsciousness

I work with women who have experienced a loss and are suffering from chronic discomfort in the spine and neck or high blood sugar levels. I help them remove the emotional pain and restore health.

Mel Cunningham


Business Name: Now & Zenergy, LLC 
Specialty: Emotional Trauma and Triggers, Overcome Stress and Burnout 
Email: [email protected]
Types of Sessions: Email/Zoom 

Facebook:   nowandzenergy

We will get to the root cause of what is holding you back by clarifying your vision for your life; removing emotional, energetic, and physical blocks, and elevate your lifestyle by unlocking your body's ability to heal itself. 

Letty Madrid


Name: Letty Madrid
Business Name: A Higher Living, LLC
Specialty: Endocrine system, including thyroid, anxiety, fibromyalgia 
Types of Sessions: Email, phone.I also offer group sessions
Hello! I'm an experienced practitioner specializing in holistic wellness and energy healing. With certifications as a Global Energy Method Master Practitioner, Frequency Healing Therapist, and Certified American Assoc. Natural Wellness Practitioner, I offer comprehensive care for your well-being. My primary focus is on the endocrine system, addressing thyroid issues, anxiety, and fibromyalgia. Let's connect and discuss how I can support you in achieving optimal health and well-being. 

Sofia Ianovskaia


Business Name: Ayurvedic Insights & Reflexology
Phone Number: 818 516 7526
Types of Sessions: Zoom/Skype/Facebook/Email
Sofia specializes in: Resistance to Healing, ️Pain, ️Anxiety, Tinnitus, Stuttering, Fertility/Labor preparation, ADHD, Fears and Phobias, Sleep, Abundance and what is holding you back from achieving your goals.  Ancestral money programs resolution, and much more!

Sofia Ianovskaia is the Owner of Ayurvedic Insights&Reflexology.  She specializes in addressing her clients needs to transform them from limiting beliefs into confident actions.  She is known to empower her clients to start believing in their own healing abilities.

With her training and extensive experience, Sofia gets to the root cause of the issue and looks at it from different angles doing a deep detective work.  Her expertise in Reflexology and Ayurveda adds a special touch to the sessions.

Sofi Sommer

Business name: Sofi Sommer - Empower & Transform
Specialty: Trauma, depression, Anxiety, and sleeping disorders
Phone number: +45 21 96 90 38
Type of sessions: Email and Zoom

I am dedicated to helping people overcome trauma, depression, anxiety, and sleeping disorders so they can reclaim their power and embrace a meaningful life filled with joy and happiness.

Andrea Cerutti

Business Name: The Energy Place
Specialty: Anxiety, panic, anger management, phobias, releasing bad habits
Instagram: @the_energy_place
Email: [email protected]

Types of Sessions: Email
Facebook: The Energy Place

Hi, I help clients suffering from anxiety stop the cycle of stress and trauma giving them back hope, peace and productivity.  Although my specialty is anxiety, anger management and releasing bad habits, energy work has no limits and I am looking forward to working with you!

Andrea Radi

Business Name: Holovibe Healing
Specialty: I specialize in the ‘inner child’… healing the subconscious roots
to life’s struggles of mind, body and emotion leading to empowered
relationships with self and other. I also offer whole family holistic health
support and guidance for spiritual awakening.
Email: [email protected]
Types of Sessions: Email/Phone/Online/In-person

Instagram: https://www.instagram/holovibehealing/
When we understand the nature of reality and energy, we begin to heal in
seemingly miraculous ways. I believe that discovering and integrating our
unconscious patterns is the key to ultimate wellbeing. I love helping
people let go of resistances and remember the true power within, the true

Sahra Ahmed

My journey of energy healing started when I discovered Global Energy Method. It has changed my life for the better and I am grateful to have discovered it. I was so blown away by it that decided to pursue a certification and become a master practitioner. I believe in this method wholeheartedly and I believe it can help you on whatever healing journey you are on. Let me help you experience the power of the Global Energy Method to bring about your sense of well-being at all levels. I specialize in releasing blocks to abundance and prosperity. I can help you transform your limiting beliefs and work on releasing the root cause of your issues. I speak English & Arabic.
Session type: Email, WhatsApp 
Email address: [email protected]

Cynthia Craig

Business Name: Inner Radiance 

Specialty: Women and children’s issues, anxiety, depression , sleep, walls, trauma, pain, animals. 
Email: [email protected]
Types of Sessions: Email, Google Meet, Phone 

Facebook: @innerradiance.cbcp

Cynthia Craig is the practitioner for Inner Radiance and is an experienced energy healer.  She has a love and passion for assisting individuals and families experience greater peace, love, and joy in their lives.

Tara Jensen

Business Name: Simply Healed with Tara
Specialty: Generational Healing
Phone number: 801-367-5731
Types of Sessions: Email, Zoom and Phone sessions available
I coach women to overcome generational thoughts, beliefs & trauma so they can break the negativity cycle, set an example for their family, be free and love themselves.

Rreema Aidasahnni

Business Name: Soulence
Specialty:  Trauma, Abuse, Stress & Anxiety, depression, physical pain
Types of Sessions: Email, Zoom and in person sessions.
I am Rreema and I am a Global Energy Method Master Practitioner, Certified Body and Emotion Code Practitioner, and Energy Healer.
Over the years I have deep-dived into all things healing. I started this work as a way to help and empower myself, and since then I have assisted people in releasing their emotional and physical trauma and pain. We look at the trapped emotions, trauma, and other imbalances that are holding you back from living a happy and fulfilling life. Any issue has an emotional root cause and through the sessions, we identify and release the root cause of these challenges

Tiffany Renee

Business Name: Tiffany Renee, LLC
Specialty: Self-Discovery, Empowerment, Clarity, Harmony Balancing

Email: [email protected]
Types of Sessions: Email
I am passionate about supporting other holistic mamas and caregivers to find balance in a very demanding world. Through a multi-modality somatic approach, I create safe space for women to experience physical, mental, and spiritual harmony. Together, we will dive into a variety of tools to discover root causes of dysregulation and then make a curated plan designed with holistic practices to help you feel like you again. As a mama myself, it would be my honor to support you on your journey. I know this journey well.

Mari Zilberman

Business Name: Mari Helps  
Phone number (718 218 4850)
Types of Sessions:  Email 
Instagram: @universalenergyheals and @guidedrefuah
TikTok: guidedrefuah
Some people may feel there is no hope. I am here to tell you that you are one session away from feeling lighter, better, clearer, and safer!
I have found my calling in life and it brings me immense joy and fulfillment every day, I love what I do! Let me show how easy healing can be!