Core Certified with 

A Distinction in Spiritual, Psychological, and Physical Specialties 


Practitioners on this page are core certified with a Distinction in the Spiritual, Psychological, and Physical  Specialties. There is only 1 level higher, which is Master Practitioner. (Note: Moving practitioners can take up to 15 business days.)


Healers with this level of experience typically charge between $130 - $160  per session. (Note: Most practitioners do offer discounts for purchasing multiple sessions and prices may be higher if the practitioner has other education as well.)


Note: This page shows only Core certified practitioners that are:

1. Infinity Healers

2. Trained in the Spiritual, Psychological, and Physical Specialties but have not yet achieved their Master Practitioner certification

3. Submitted their information to be included on the page


If/when this page is blank that means there are no healers that meet all three characteristics (practitioners are moved to the next level up within 15 business days of achieving that level of certification). 

Jen Henderson

Business Name: Energize Healing LLC 
Specialty: Creativity; Healing from Sexual, Emotional, or Religious Abuse; Horses.
Phone number: ‪(248) 383-5543‬
Types of Sessions: Email (preferred)

The stories of your past do not need to define your future! Let's join together to unearth the roots of disease, discomfort, and disbelief in your life so you can bloom in beauty and strength.


Andreea Sas

Name: Andreea Sas
Business Name: NRGETIKA
Specialty: infertility, morning sickness, pregnancy issues, skin rejuvenation,
biological/psychological and epigenetic age upgrade and improvement, pain illness and
trauma cellular memory release and repatterning.

Types of Sessions: Email sessions, WhatsApp sessions, zoom sessions. Every new client receives an introductory session live or recorded, to fully understand the principles, the process and the expected after-session results.

The repetitive successful results of my clients are confirming the power of energy healing every single time. I boost the energy healing results with house space energy clearing and balancing, because 90% of the time, the energy people spend time in, does not add to, but reduce significantly their energy field causing blockages and illness.
Balance the energy. Balance your life!

Cherie Jackson

Business Name:  Metaphysical Coding with Cherie

Speciality: Subconscious-guided work that allows for expansive, in-depth healing without conscious interruption. I support you to transform energetic blocks and correct energy flow to bring your body, mind, and soul back into harmony.


Phone Number:  +61 497 999 191

Types of Sessions:  In-person, online, Messenger, Zoom, email


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Ready to embark on a transformative journey towards boundless wellbeing? I'm Cherie Jackson, the creative force behind Metaphysical Coding. I empower you to unlock your potential, dissolve negativity, and restore harmony. Through subconscious-guided work, I transform energetic blocks for holistic wellbeing. Experience the transformative power of energy healing – join me to explore the profound possibilities and unlock the door to your genuine healing.